~About Me~

I skirt around the edges of being a singer/songwriter & a musician.

I think I am just very creative.

I view the making and arranging of sounds in the same way as I view making a painting, a collage,  a piece of writing & other sculptural processes. In all of these there is rhythm, texture, layers building up & falling away, colours enhancing other colours, like certain sounds enhance others, shapes encircling shapes, lines, movements, tone, volume, depth, atmosphere, ghost traces of earlier work that is always left behind, like an imprint or palimpsest.

I adore words & melodies, they flow in & out of the layers of sound, adding to & taking away from the original contexts, settling in, nesting, like birds coming home to roost.

Words. Words matter. According to  Brian Eno as soon as words are added to a piece of music then the meaning of the piece becomes concrete, definitive, controlled. I disagree. Words can be so ambiguous & when combined with intonations, sounds, accents & homophones then their ambiguity is strong. I work in an ambient genre, with words, regardless of what other ambient music makers such as Eno say about words, words, to me, do not cement a piece of music, they can keep it continuously free floating & transient throughout. Words are awesome.

I am an experimental sound poet?

I visualise the context of each track, like a short film, I know intimately what each sound represents visually. I don’t expect listeners to feel, hear & see the same expressions that I do but I have clear image in my head of the opening scene  as each track begins to unfurl.

I have been writing & producing music & sounds for just over two years now although I have had previous experience working with other musicians & using analogue recording equipment with them. Using software & working alone over the last 2 years has been an interesting & adventurous new learning curve for me. I still enjoy some collaborations with others.

Whilst completing this collection I have had fun making a mini modular synth and a hydrophone, both of which I have been experimenting with, as well as collecting old instruments and potential percussion objects from rummaging around in second hand shops etc. I am not sure where I go from here but finding new sounds, rhythms & words will be fundamental to what ever happens next inside or outside of the loft space.


Thank you for taking an interest

Sarah Gatter

From a loft in Cornwall Feb ~ June 2016

Please email me for more information at:skydiamond2014@yahoo.co.uk

I work under the name of Sky High Diamonds © & can be found on:

DigitalDIZZY (Bandcamp page)